Cookies are a kind of “reminder”, short “text files” containing information that can be saved on the computer of a user when their browser (e.g. Chrome or Internet Explorer) visits a specific website.

Thanks to cookies the server sends information that will be reread and updated every time the user returns to that website. In this way the website can automatically adapt to the user and improve their browsing experience in the process.

Cookies are mainly used to:

  • improve the user browsing experience on the website,
  • provide the site manager with information on the browsing habits of users, also to obtain statistics on the use of the site and improve the browsing experience,
  • inoltre i cookies possono veicolare messaggi pubblicitari.

cookies can also be used to channel advertising messages.



VILLA LINA VENEZIA uses the following types of cookies:


Also known as “technical” cookies, these are essential for browsing a website and using all of its functionalities, such as, for example, access to reserved areas (Client Areas). Without these cookies it would not be possible to provide the requested services. These cookies do not collect information to use for commercial purposes.

This category includes cookies created by the platforms to support the security infrastructure.


These collect and analyse information on the use of the website by visitors (pages visited, number of visits, time spent on the site etc.) in order to improve the user’s browsing experience. These cookies do not collect information that can in any way identify the user.

This category includes cookies generated by the following technology solutions:

  • Google Analytics


These make it possible to trace the “profile” of users, collecting information on their tastes in order to send them personalised content (promotional banners and/or dedicated offers).

This category includes cookies generated by the following technology solutions:

  • Google Adwords

Il sito web di VILLA LINA VENEZIA funziona in modo ottimale se i cookies sono abilitati. Puoi comunque decidere di non consentire l’impostazione dei cookies sul tuo computer; per farlo accedi alle “Preferenze” del tuo browser. Per informazioni su come modificare le impostazioni dei cookies seleziona qui sotto il browser che stai utilizzando:

Chrome – Firefox – Internet Explorer – Opera – Safari

You can optimise your browsing experience on the LANDMARK SR website by enabling cookies. You can also change the cookie settings on your computer by going to the “Preferences” menu on your browser. For information on how to change your cookie settings, select your browser from the list below:

Chrome – Firefox – Internet Explorer – Opera – Safari

If you deactivate cookies, you may deactivate some of the website’s functions. Even with all cookies deactivated your browser will continue to memorise small quantities of information necessary for the basic functionalities of the website.